Kirklees most expensive Cd’s Huddersfield Byway 231 The Album

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Regular readers will recall the long saga of Huddersfield Byway 231. As a result of Kirklees engaging Leeds City Council to carry out historical research into the status of the Byway I now have the 2 most expensive CD’s in my collection. Five grand of council taxpayers hard earned money for these and obviously that didn’t include a decent album cover.

You might have thought our caring,sharing council would have let interested members of the public have this information as soon as it was available,given they paid for it but no a rather churlish email was sent out stating no information would be released prior to the committee report.

So I’ve dragged the hapless bureaucrats through the freedom of information process which is painful for both sides due to the prevailing culture of secrecy and disdain for the public which characterises Kirklees and today received my 2 CD’s worth of historical information.

I am aware that Leeds City Council have discovered “something” not previously found but there’s a lot of information here.

I’d like to share this information as widely as possible before the Committee date which may be as soon as 23rd November 2017 so that interested parties can form a view untainted by the powers that be as it were.

Please get in touch via the blog or Facebook if you’d like a bootleg copy. Might be worth something in the future, you never know.

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