Holmfirth 131 – What would Michael “Public Access Is A Public Good” Gove think of it all?

HOL-131 double fence and stiles repairs (1 of 1)
The newly “repaired” stile on Holmfirth  131

Back in mid November 2017 this double fence and double double stile arrangement was brought to the attention of Kirklees Council for 2 reasons. Firstly the Krypton Factor stile arrangement was out of repair. One of the smaller steps was no longer attached to planet earth. Secondly and more importantly it is clear to even the most casual observer that the two fences and double double stiles have been erected across a gateway. The rather large stone gate posts are a bit of a giveaway. So in fact this double whammy of fences and stiles shouldn’t even be there. It should be a gate!

HOL-131 double fence and stiles (1 of 1)
The Krypton Factor double fence and double double stiles in a gateway!

It was politely mentioned to Kirklees that perhaps it would be better for path users if the stiles were removed in favour of a gate rather than repair them. In early December 2017 I received an update which ignored the gate aspect but advised that the stile had been repaired. Oh well perhaps I need to be more to the point in future?

The header photo  shows the reportedly “repaired stile” as observed today. I hope dear reader you appreciate what a difficult job this is? Not only do the Council have some kind of filter on the other end of my emails which blanks out anything they might have to do that’s a bit “tricky” but even when they say they’ve done something they haven’t! Below is a newly added obstruction on the path to add a bit of a spark for walkers in 2018.

HOL-131 New elec fence (1 of 1)
A brand new obstruction for 2018

The council would have us believe that they are strapped for cash, short staffed and rights of way are a low priority but I rather think they are beset by a plague of cock ups,indifference and ineptitude. Is there another plausible explanation? What would Michael “public access is a public good” Gove think about it all?



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