Blackpool Bridge

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Blackpool Bridge has seen better days.

Rickety old Blackpool Bridge over Dean Clough is on its last legs. Walked up there on New Year’s day to find several bits of decking missing and more worryingly the cross beams on which the decking sits are rotten. The whole bridge needs replacing.

The bridge is on a very popular walking route within the peak park but Kirklees are the highway authority responsible. The issue was reported to them on 1st January 2018 as dangerous. No response to date.

Always found the name Blackpool Bridge intriguing. Talking to older residents it seems it may be a cartographers error. The pools below the bridge were known locally as black pools and I’ve spoken to many older people in the valley who were taught to swim here! The location was more properly known to them as Black Pools. Maybe the cartographer had been to see the illuminations and had another Blackpool on his mind?

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