Kirklees Spends over £150,000 a year on meeting rooms.And £50k on paths.

Barnside (1 of 1)

Interesting although not very detailed piece in the local rag today outlining what’s happening with Kirklees budgets for the next year. Rather revealingly the paper states Kirklees will be “Creating a venue for all council meetings, cutting external room hire, will save £150,000” 

I have to admit I thought Kirklees already had such  venues! The Town Halls of Huddersfield and Dewsbury along with many other office complexes across the district would seem to fit the bill.

The public rights of way budget is down to £50k. That is for a statutory function for maintaining 700 miles of paths. It was cut from about a £150K with unseemly haste in 2010. So in the past 8 years maintenance of Kirklees rights of way has been underfunded by some £800K . That lack of funding is beginning to show itself now in the form of some very expensive problems today.

Still it’s good to know our councillors and officers have had the best venues to hold meetings about meetings in and that no expense has been spared on this essential service.



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