Things on Footpaths that probably shouldn’t be there…

The end of the month and here’s January’s edition of Things on Footpaths…some pics of the many things the walker has to climb over, go round or turn back from in Kirklees. Keeps you fit if nothing else.

Fence HOL-134-10 (1 of 1)
When is a stile not a stile? When it’s just a poorly disguised fence.
HOL 144-20 drainage (1 of 1)
So wet even the mole has come up for air.
 HOL-131 double fence and stiles repairs (1 of 1).jpg
Being attached to planet earth is a basic requirement for stile steps.
Xmas Tree (1 of 1)
Xmas over for another year.
HOL 145-60 sign (1 of 1)
Er…no. It’s a public footpath
HOL 145-10 padlock (1 of 1)
Keeping things under lock & key shouldn’t really include public paths.
HOL 152-10 obstruction2 (1 of 1)
Fence,bales & a barn!
Someone’s playing jenga with the wall stile.
Holmfirth 195 Drainage (1 of 1)
Another storage site for the EU mud mountain. At least brexit will sort this out.
Holmfirth 154-10 surface wks 30 Dec 2017 (1 of 1).jpg
One for the horses – a bridleway.
Fence HOL-134-10 b stone stile (1 of 1)
Lets make this really hard. Knock two big chunks of wood on  and a tricky strand of barbed wire. That’ll put ’em off.
Holmfirth 65 fence obstruction (1 of 1)
It moves!
HOL 152-10 obstructio (1 of 1).jpg
This missing stile step is the least of this paths problems,believe me!


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