The Chief Exec’s Leaves


This  Piece of “investigative journalism” from our local paper rather neatly illustrates real life being stranger than fiction. In my little attempt to poke fun at IPROW the other day I invented a pile of leaves, a chief executive and a council officer who made the seemingly simple task of clearing up a bin bags worth of leaves into a complex legal issue.

Here in Kirklees such a pile of leaves actually exists by the entrance to Civic Centre 3 in Huddersfield. Local tory councillor John Taylor (pictured standing by a skip and looking unkempt in the article) is quoted as saying he has complained about the leaves 3 times! Firstly to Naz Parker ,Director of Place then Jackie Gedman,Chief Executive and finally to Cllr Pandor,Deputy Leader of the council no less.

It seems the combined talents of these three high fliers has resulted in …well nothing happening. This will come as no surprise to readers of this blog but perhaps illustrates the chronic ineffectiveness of Kirklees even on it’s own doorstep so to speak. What chance a public footpath a few miles out of Huddersfield?

Not wanting to be completely negative there is an obvious solution to this leafy problem. The chief Exec can hold the bin bag, Director of Place can sweep and Cllr Pandor can shovel up the leaves. Perhaps not the cheapest way to clear a pile of leaves but it would make a great publicity shot for The Examiner?

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