Divine intervention on Staffordshire Footpath.


Is this a sign? Is there a God? The divine intervention on a Staffordshire footpath has raised all sorts of deep philosophical questions. Not least can we have a visit from Reverend Oliver Harrison and his Godly bolt cutters here in Kirklees? Let us pray.

Reverend Harrison has taken direct action to reopen a public footpath and is quoted as saying “I dare them to take me to court. They are obstructing a public right of way for the pursuit of private profit.“For several years I have been campaigning to get this footpath reopened. My pleas to the council and to the owners and operators of the quarry seem to have stalled, so I have now taken direct action. I am not taking the law into my own hands, this is a legal right of way, a public access, a footpath. We deserve and we demand to have our rights respected and the footpath open and accessible.”

Amen to that!




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