Whitby Fishermen found trapped in large inland sea on a Kirklees public right of way.


Whitby (1 of 1)

A small whitby trawler and it’s 3 crew have been found safe and well in a newly formed inland lake  miles from the sea on Ramsden Road above Holmfirth in West Yorkshire. The trawlers captain, Bram Garbutt from Sandsend described how a navigational error on a misty morning on the Esk in Whitby led the crew to set a course inland and they now find themselves trapped in a previously undiscovered inland sea on a Kirklees public right of way.

“It’s not so bad up here” said Bram. “We trawl for land rover brake lights and in our spare time rescue ramblers who get into trouble in these treacherous waters.The sea’s no place for walkers”.  Bram told the blog that the crew can get down the river as far as the Picturedrome in Holmfirth to see the occasional tribute act and enjoy some cheesy chips from Atlantis. “But there’s no way past The Old Bridge and we are resigned to spending our days marooned on this public right of way far from the North Sea” he said.

When asked if any rescue attempts had been made by the local authority Bram told us “We put out a Mayday call but unfortunately the council have told us that due to government cuts the Kirklees Navy has been reduced to one scale model frigate which is currently in dry dock in Batley. The council air force has been cut back to those two blokes and a dog who fly little gliders off Holme Moss and we are out of their range. I suppose they could always send up a digger from Honley to drain the sea and put us on a train back to Whitby but we’re not holding our breath”

LakeR (1 of 1)
The previously undiscovered inland sea on Ramsden Road,Holmfirth. Thought to be the size of Wales scientists are amazed  that it has remained undiscovered for so long in this popular walking area. Bram and his crew can be seen landing a fresh catch of 4×4 brake lights on the small quay they’ve built themselves. 


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