Holmfirth Bridleways 68 & 189

BWWW (1 of 1)
Holmfirth Bridleways 68 & 189 below Bartin are now in a poor state in places due to Kirklees approving shoddy work by Yorkshire Water last year.
Bartin (1 of 1)
The section of bridleway above Bartin which is on a slope and gets much more water running down it is in good condition. This section was untouched by Yorkshire Water.

Kirklees eventually resorted to the Ostrich technique on this one and have had their corporate  heads stuck deep in the sand since last October. You might recall a development arm of Yorkshire Water attempting to put a road in over the bridleway to a potential development site at Bartin and Greave Farmsteads. A brief flavour of the sad saga is here

 Rather than take prompt and effective enforcement action when the bridleway was resurfaced without permission Kirklees  opted to allow the company to carry out more inappropriate works, to a poor standard and with inappropriate materials. Predictably this prompted many more complaints from the public and user groups – all of which have been ignored by deploying the Ostrich technique to an exemplary standard.

After only six months sections of the bridleway are now in a shocking state as a result of the works carried out and seemingly approved by Kirklees. The effect of laying a compacted smooth surface over the sandstone has accelerated water run off leading to some deep gullying and washed out areas. Not just of the new surface but the lovely old sandstone beneath it too. Open drains which used to flow freely adjacent to the bridleway are choked with the washed off materials.

Kirklees could have taken a firm approach last October and got Yorkshire Water to reinstate the bridleway or served notice, done the works themselves and recovered the cost of doing so. No costs to the taxpayer on this option. But it was all too much trouble and they went for option B – “let them get away with it”. They now have a bridleway in a remote location that needs repairing. Left as it is it will only deteriorate further becoming more expensive to repair as it does so.They’ve managed to generate a financial liability here where six months ago none existed.

It is an excellent example of how the council works on public rights of way. Too timid to do things properly, in the public interest and cost effectively. Time and again it attempts to mix oil and water by accommodating the problem into the solution. It never works. They never learn.

BW1 (1 of 1).jpg
One of the cross drains set at 90 degrees to the flow of water has predictably taken out the edge of the bridleway.
BW2 (1 of 1)
The original surface has been washed out and the debris now blocks an adjacent drain.
BW3 (1 of 1).jpg
Drain adjacent to bridleway blocked with washed out surface.
BW4 (1 of 1).jpg
How the drain should be.
BW5 (1 of 1)
Extensive gulling and wash out
BW6 (1 of 1)
Depth of the damage extends to sub base of original surface
BW7 (1 of 1)
This was all a good well drained walking/riding surface.
BW8 (1 of 1)
One of the poor cross drains put in and now completely blocked by wash out
BW10 (1 of 1)
And on it goes…..
BW9 (1 of 1)
and on…..


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