Spot The Footpath

Oilseed (1 of 1)

In an interesting new take on the popular “spot the ball” feature of 1970’s local papers Kirklees have launched a walkers version,imaginatively titled Spot The Footpath! Nutella Wilson-Dough a Kirklees Community Engagement Officer said ” We are so excited about our new walking competition! Anyone can have a go whether they like walking or not! When asked where the idea came from Nutella explained that Kirklees are inundated with photos of path problems from members of the public armed with smart phones and struggling to find their way on an increasingly neglected path network. She went on to say that “as a Council we’ve decided to use these amazing photos in a fun filled competition for all the community. We wanted to have a football theme what with Town staying up in the Premiership and this seemed a really cheap way of doing it. The competition aims to bring people together in a shared sense of hopelessness and frustration gained from their contact with Kirklees.”

In an exclusive peek at the first photo in the Spot The Footpath competition PathWatch has had ago at locating Holmfirth Footpath 46 through this oilseed rape crop. To be honest we gave up after 5 minutes.

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