Possibility of uncontacted tribes on Holmfirth Footpath…

HOL 160 steps (1 of 1)

The steps on Holmfirth Footpath 161 are not so much overgrown but an undiscovered ecosystem in their  own right. Rumour has it amongst the locals that there are uncontacted tribes amongst the damp fern thick flight of steps at the bottom of the path on Dover Lane. There is a growing body of opinion that the footpath should be closed legally and the steps given World Heritage status in order to protect the tribes that live here and their as yet unrecorded culture and way of life.

Hilda Poskitt from Underbank who is a spokesperson for the “save the steps” campaign told the blog “these steps have been untouched by the human race for millennia. No one knows just what treasures in terms of human culture and architecture have developed  on the steps which have thrived in complete isolation from the rest of the human race.” Hilda went on to say that “if people want to walk  on overgrown public footpaths there is plenty of choice around Holmfirth and I’d recommend the top of this path on Cartworth Moor which has a most excellent patch of nettles. I understand the Civic Society are publishing a leaflet to encourage public use of other overgrown paths in the valley rather than this special lost world”

When asked what the most pressing threat to the steps was Hilda  told us “We’re extremely concerned that someone from the council will turn up with a strimmer and destroy this precious and unique habitat before it is fully understood”. Fortunately for Hilda we were able to put her and her memberships minds at rest by showing them a few posts on the Path Watch Blog.


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