Ramsden Road Repairs & Other Footpath News.

RamsdenRd (1 of 1).jpg

Repairs to the top section of Ramsden Road are complete. The lane has never looked so good! All the deep potholes and the infamous lake have been filled in and the surface is now much more user friendly.

The Lake (1 of 1)

Lets hope the council will now maintain the lane to at least this standard.

In other news footpath signs have also gone up or been replaced on Holmfirth Footpaths 44,83,85 and 128 and an obstructing fence/vegetation cleared from Holmfirth Footpath 130. Obstructions on Kirkburton Footpath 155 and Denby Dale Footpath 82 have also been removed by the council. I can also report that the problems on Holmfirth 146 have been rectified which is extremely good news and hopefully  a good quality diversion benefiting both walkers and the landowner can now go ahead.

Thanks are due to Kirklees staff for their work in resolving these problems.



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