Great walking,cycling & running routes Kirklees style.

Col 144 manure2 (1 of 1)
One of Kirklees Council’s “great routes”. Not the John Manure Trail but the Colne Valley Circular – obstructed for years by this dung mountain.

Kirklees claims to have over  150 walking,running & cycling  routes listed on it’s website. They are described as “great” in the quoted tweet but I suppose that depends on what you’re into. I walked on one of these “great” routes just a couple of weeks ago and found it to be obstructed by a mountain of manure and thick waist high vegetation.

I suppose if you have a keen interest in dung and getting nettled this would make a “great” route but I didn’t find it that agreeable to be honest. This combined dung and nettle experience is available on the Colne Valley Circular as a non optional  extra.

It seems odd to say the least that any organisation would share information and encourage the public to use  footpaths where there are known longstanding problems which will cause the public difficulties. Even odder when that organisation is the self same one that has all but abandoned regular maintenance and inspection of these paths over an 8 year period. It would seem the council want to shout about what a great walking area this is whilst at the same time largely ignoring it’s statutory duties to maintain the actual paths.

Looks good in a corporate tweet and on the council website but the reality on the ground, on even a council promoted route, is less attractive.




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