Path Watch Fairies

HOL 161 Veg After (1 of 1)
Work of the Path Watch Fairies

There is a legend around these parts of secretive and rarely seen Path Watch Fairies. Said to inhabit the depths of the most overgrown and obstructed public rights of way they are invoked when a certain number of legs have been nettled, clothes snagged on barbed wire and walks abandoned. They say a mysterious connection exists between sightings of the fairies and the England Football Team.

Rumour has it that the Path Watch Fairies have been at work on a nettle infested path near Cartworth Moor. Bernard Rowbottom from Choppards told the blog “it doesn’t mek any sense lad. I walked ‘ome last neet after t’ England game and got nettled t’ death. This mornin’ thee were all gone! Nowt there but a bit of that there fairy dust and the essence of Nobby Stiles side burns”. “Nowt” repeated Bernard staring into the middle distance. “Paths reet as rain now”

“Last time this ‘appened it wor 1966……… “

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