Path Watch Merchandise


The runaway success of the Path Watch Blog has lead to a rising demand from the walking public for Path Watch merchandise.  We are pleased to announce an exclusive range of cool summer T shirts featuring stunning images taken on Kirklees public footpaths.


“These are just what I’ve been looking for all my life” said someone who’s name we just made up for a laugh. “Never mind Patagonia, The North face or Rab I can really identify with the Path Watch brand, its sense of gritty realism and cheap and cheerful fun” continued someone’s who’s  name we just made up for a laugh.


The blog has entered into an exclusive partnership with an online producer who is hopefully not as cheap and nasty as the mock ups in this post! As we speak a container load of these high quality, handmade artisan garments is being shipped across the globe from China to meet the demands of the fashion conscious Kirklees rambler.

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