Batley Footpath 49

The long saga of Batley Footpath 49 has at last come to a satisfactory end with the path staying where it  has always been despite the best efforts of various landowners, solicitors and expert representatives.  Kirklees have been vindicated in their past enforcement action and in the accuracy of their Definitive Map.

Following an appeal by the landowner against Kirklees decision not to make an order the Inspector found no evidence that Batley Footpath 49 was incorrectly recorded on the Definitive Map. The decision can be viewed here  fps_z4718_14a_1_decision

Amusingly the inspector required Kirklees to make an order to add a footpath on land behind Hey Beck but this order has not been confirmed. See here row_3188272_od

Challenging the Definitive Map is a common tactic used by those wishing to deny legitimate public rights. It is particularly pleasing to note the final outcome on Batley Footpath 49.


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