Gwynedd Walking

Welsh Coastal path

The county of Gwynedd in North Wales has a population less than half that of Kirklees but seems more adept at funding and maintaining its public rights of way network. The Welsh Coastal path has had an had obvious investment and is a wonderful asset but most of the “ordinary” paths we  walked were well signed,waymarked and in good condition.  Even these off piste paths have benefited from new gates,drainage work and waymarking. So much so that walking and navigating was the  pleasure it should be.

The kind of path that here in Kirklees would be an extreme assault course is a doddle in Wales
Most stone stiles in Kirklees are crumbling shadows of their past. The Welsh farmers seem to look after them.  
Well waymarked Welsh walking!

Perhaps our new council leader Cllr Pandor and a few of his big cheeses should have an all expenses paid trip to North Wales to learn how it should be done? Then again…..

It had to happen. The only path which didn’t have a sign ended up in a tangle of braken & bramble.

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