Globe Trotting Kirklees Leader Off To China!


Our new Council leader and slayer of the Red Lord of Heckmondwike, Comedy Councillor  Pandor, is getting to grips with the pressing issues of leading Kirklees through troubled waters by …er…buggering off to  china !

As the nights draw in and the long hot summer of 2018 fades away the comic genius is off on another all expenses paid jaunt to strengthen Huddersfield’s links with China (really? Ed.)

After the resounding success of our Batley comic’s all expenses paid trip to Cannes earlier this year the globe trotting funny man, who clearly fancies himself as a bit of a Michael Palin,  is off to Hangzhou and is quoted as  “looking forward to positioning our region with Chinese decision-makers as a source of high quality, innovative British-made products.” ( he’s well known for speaking in riddles – Ed)

The Councils Strategic Director of Jollies, Thomas Cook told us the distant Chinese City of Hangzhou has much in common with Huddersfield “It starts with an H doesn’t it? Although I know the H in Huddersfield is silent, that’s something. The weather’s really nice out there  in September too and our leader likes to feel important, plus I get loads of points on my nectar card for booking the tickets! As a Labour Council  it is an honour to visit a country where workers rights and freedom of speech are held in the highest regard by the government.”

Finally Mr Cook reassured Kirklees residents that our leader would return. “We have bought Cllr Pandor a return ticket and he will be back in Kirklees for the winter pantomime series of icy roads, missed bin collections and a hike in council tax for 2019. Residents have nothing to fear on this score”



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