Equestrians in Kirklees Urged to Get Smaller Horses

Berry Banks 3 (1 of 1)
One of the shrinking bridleways near Holmfirth. Council plans include banning all but miniature shetland ponies and riders over 3 foot six

In a novel way to cut down maintenance costs on Kirklees bridleways the Council has launched a campaign to persuade local riders to  swap their trusty steeds  for something smaller,preferably a miniature Shetland Pony.

Lucy Foreshank-Smythe, the Councils horsey person, explained the scheme to us here at Path Watch. “We’re running the groundbreaking initiative in conjunction with Pedigree Chum who are providing the new tiny ponies and recycling the old full sized ones.”

Ms Foreshank-Smythe reassured local riders that no bridleways in Kirklees are being closed. “They are all open, so there’s no need for any long faces” joked the jolly Council equestrian. “What we’ve found is that all our bridleways are getting smaller due to 8 years worth of vegetation. As we got rid of all our strimmers some time ago we came up with this new horse exchange scheme after a fact finding mission to South America where there is a strong equestrian tradition”continued Ms Foreshank-Smythe.

“Unfortunately we didn’t find any facts on our 6 week fact finding mission but we came up with the Shetland Pony wheeze after a few drinks on the plane coming home. I’d also like to stress that there is no truth in the rumours currently circulating that should our bridleways continue to shrink because we don’t look after them only riders less than three foot six will be allowed a Shetland Pony. It’s actually a generous three foot eight!”

Equestrians can sign up for the scheme at the “We buy any old nag” centres now open at Town Halls across the district.

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