Kirklees Launches Limbo Dance Classes to Aid Walkers

Buddlia (1 of 1)
The Kirklees Limbo Dance Ramblers Challenge

Local ramblers were up in arms after our post highlighting special Council help for equestrians in the form of new smaller Shetland ponies aimed at helping riders navigate the districts overgrown bridleways.

Local rambler and member of Peak & Southern Footpaths Society, Benny Rothmans told Path Watch “This is outrageous! The Council are showing favoritism to horsey types whilst ignoring ramblers pleas for help. When I rang Kirklees to complain about the difficulties of walking paths overgrown with weeds and branches the only thing they could suggest was a smaller bobble on my hat! You’d have to be a bloody limbo dancer to get down some of these paths”

Funnily enough Mr Rothmans words proved somewhat prophetic. When Path Watch contacted Kirklees we were put through to the authorities newly appointed Limbo Dance Liaison Officer, Winston Tobago-Lilt.  Mr Tobago-Lilt told us “Sup bro? I’m here to help my rambling bros get down low and all I need to know is how low you need to go! Know what I’m saying? I got the moves to get you down under any low hanging head room and you can keep your bobble hat on bro!

Mr Tobago-Lilt went on to outline the Council’s vision of free limbo dance classes being rolled out across the district starting at Holmfirth Civic Hall this autumn. The limbo classes will equip local ramblers and visitors alike with the dance skills needed to negotiate the 2018 footpath network.

“It ain’t cool to stand up straight bro” continued Mr Tobago-Lilt “and as you can no longer do that on Kirklees paths limbo dancing is the  way to go. Know what I’m saying?”

Our elderly Ramblers  rep Mr Rothmans was unimpressed “It’s alright for that Tobacco-Lilt fella but I’m 84, have two artificial hips and a dodgy knee! If I get down low with the bro’s I’ll not get upright again.”









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