Council Scoop Top Walking Award

Silagefield2 (1 of 1)
Brave new world for walkers in Kirklees

Much to the surprise of Path Watch Kirklees Council has received an award from an organisation called City Connect. The award is apparently not a spoof  but a genuine recognition of  the Council’s efforts to get more people walking. (Surely this should be an award for getting less people walking? Ed.) Our path blocking council is now an accredited “walk friendly workplace” according to the suspiciously spoof like article.

The Chair of the combined West Yorkshire Transport Committee is quoted as saying “It’s great to see Kirklees Council joining the other organisations across our region recognising this and doing their bit to encourage more of us to build walking into our daily lives.”

Our elusive Chief Exec Ms Gedman  and a Councillor are wheeled out of Civic 3 for a photo op and a few platitudes. They show a previously unknown enthusiasm for the great outdoors and walking in Kirklees.

So there you have it. Path Watch has been  out spoofed by our walking friendly Council. They’ve shocked us by coming out of the closet as bobble hatted ramblers all along.

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