Ask Alexa

Kirklees Together

Path Watch has learnt that Kirklees are rolling out the ground breaking Alexa device beyond mere bin collections to cover the districts public rights of way network. Amazonia Prime, the councils gadgets person told the blog “Why stop at bins? We are aware of the state of rights of way in Kirklees and it was pretty easy to include public paths in this waste management technology”(unusual degree of honesty there Ed) .

Ms Prime told us that Kirklees had been running top secret trials throughout 2018 with various prow stakeholders testing out the device. “It has been popular with landowners, ramblers and equestrians alike who can ask Alexa a range of simple questions and get answers there and then without having to contact a council officer” said Ms Prime.

The Path Watch eye brow was raised at some of the examples provided. Things such as “Can I bury my fly tipped waste under public footpaths Alexa?” Yes please go to Colne Valley Footpath 144 . “Has my claim for a bridleway been downgraded at the last minute behind everyone’s back Alexa?” Yes that’s Huddersfield Byway 231 . “I can’t ride my horse on a local bridleway because of vegetation. What should I do Alexa?” You can trade your trusty steed in for a miniature Shetland pony at our we buy any old nag scheme.

Ms Prime assured Path Watch that a wide range of stakeholders had been consulted including stalwart rambler and long time member of Peak & Southern Footpaths Society Benny Rothmans who spoke to us about his Alexa experience. “I took Alexa for a 10 mile ramble ( Are you supposed to take her out of the house?Ed) and did experience a few teething problems” said Benny. “To be honest she’s not great company on a walk and I did find her conversation a bit one sided. Her map reading was poor too and she forgot to bring a flask and sandwiches. Most of the time she just rambled on about no connection and when she was connected I accidently ordered a load of shopping from Tesco and some very ill fitting clothes. I don’t think I’ll go walking with her again”



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