Huddersfield Byway/Bridleway/Footpath 231 Latest. Kirklees To Ask A Friend.

Byway 221 obstruction 4 (1 of 1)

In the latest twist to this ongoing saga Kirklees have now turned to yet another expert. Probably their  most expensive to date – a barrister. Although the ink is barely dry on the last expert opinion made public in October 2018 Kirklees are twisting again and going back to bridleway on the current legal advice!

Path Watch contacted the council and spoke to the authorities authority on pub quizzes and multiple choice questions Bamber Tarrant- Gascoigne. Mr Tarrant-Gascoigne told us the council were rapidly running out of experts to ask and were now thinking of phoning a friend only they didn’t have any. They didn’t want to ask the audience as they weren’t so keen on honest answers that didn’t cost them anything.

Perhaps they should ask Ask Alexa ?

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