Path Watch Calendar 2019.

Path Watch is proud to present a stunning rural calendar showcasing images taken on Kirklees public rights of way. Thanks to John Craven of Countryfile for judging  and the council for all the effort put into making our paths like this.

Xmas Tree (1 of 1)
January 2019. A beautiful image showing the ancient local tradition of discarding unwanted Christmas trees on public footpaths. It is said being first brings a year of great good fortune.
LakeR (1 of 1)
February 2019. A month to be wary of the sea and take great navigational care or end up like Bram and his crew trapped on a Kirklees right of way
CL1999 (1 of 1)
March 2019. Late winter snows often assist the walker to navigate obstructed Kirklees paths by …er…burying them!
Lower Millshaw (1 of 1)
April 2019. Often a month where building works begin in earnest and great care is taken to completely wreck any nearby paths.
Hol 146 Upper Millshaw (1 of 1)
May 2019. As the nights pull out enjoy an evening stroll on your local paths.
Oilseed (1 of 1)
June 2019. There’s a footpath in there somewhere!
July 2019. As the moors go up in flames perhaps it’s time to find a different hobby?
August 2019. By August the Christmas trees have gone to be replaced by another long standing local tradition. The placing of sacred privet clippings on our paths.
Buddlia (1 of 1)
September 2019. You’ll be glad of those limbo classes to help you negotiate nature’s bounty and council neglect.
October 2019. Autumn and a time to reflect on all that hasn’t been achieved so far this year. Infact things seem to be worse!
Path2 (1 of 1)
November 2019. The nights draw in and even the public footpaths seem to get shorter.
Spring Hd Dump 2 (1 of 1)
December 2019. Walk off those festive calories in the stunning local countryside.


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