Miles Without Stiles.

What passes for a stile here in Kirklees

The Peak District National Park has been recognised for its work in improving access for all with an award from Accessible Derbyshire.

The local path network in the Holme Valley and wider Kirklees is littered with poorly maintained and unauthorised stiles like the one shown above near Emley. If there was an award for miles with stiles the Kirklees area would be a front runner.

HOL 116 Structure (1 of 1)

Many of these stiles and other structures have no right to be there having been added, modified or left to decay since the Definitive Map recording rights and limitations came into being.

It is, or at least should be, a very straightforward matter to either get them removed,repaired or properly specified and authorised. However this being  you know where it’s like pushing water uphill trying to get our local highway authority to engage with the matter.

The end result of this indifference is far less places to walk and enjoy the countryside if you have any kind of physical condition limiting your mobility, sight or even if you’re just getting on a bit.

Stone Stile (1 of 1)



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