Ramsden Road TRO or not TRO?


Another festive cock up from our muddled local highway authority. Those little elves in Civic 3 are working overtime on the Christmas Cracker Cock up Generator. Who needs naff jokes in crackers when real life is so entertaining?

Kirklees has (or hasn’t) placed an experimental traffic regulation order on the worn out Ramsden Road in a bid to temporarily stop use by motor vehicles whilst repairs were considered and then undertaken.

These orders cost the council in the region of £6,000. In addition practical works on site to install locked gates,bollards and fencing closing off the route may well cost the same again.

The TRO on Ramsden Road came into effect recently. The gates were locked. Bollards put up. Fencing erected – all at public cost. The order was advertised as being enforced for 18 months. In fact it was barely a week until the gates were unlocked and Kirklees decided it was not “enforcing” the order. It seems it’s not just  Huddersfield Byway 231 the council can’t make it’s mind up about.

The trouble with making it up as you go along is it starts to get a bit pricey and people think you don’t really know what you are doing.


2 thoughts on “Ramsden Road TRO or not TRO?”

  1. There will have been objections that they conceded. Maybe they didn’t consult properly or maybe they did consult but people materially affected didn’t respond.


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