Resolution Revolution!

From Kirklees Together

In a groundbreaking initiative for 2019 Kirklees Council are rolling out an imaginative scheme across all Council departments called “Resolution Revolution”.

Path Watch spoke to the Councils newly appointed “New Years Resolution Zsar” Mr Hogmanay First-Foot. “My job is to assist and monitor the Council’s New Years Resolutions across all it’s departments for 2019. I’m here to help each department to be the best Council department it can be moving forward into 2019” Mr First-Foot told the blog.

Hogmanay went on to outline his Resolution Revolution at Kirklees “Did you know 90% of new year resolutions only make it to February? As I’m new to the job I can’t see Kirklees getting that far but my Everest for the Council is to get to at least January 7th which given we’re all off until then is a realistic goal”

Path Watch asked Hogmanay what Resolutions he had in mind in the public rights of way area. He told us that after careful consideration it was felt that no tall,dark stranger with a piece of coal could bring enough luck to sort the continuing cock ups out and he was therefore giving the Council a gap year from public footpaths just to be on the safe side.




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