Ramsden Roadometer


Path Watch is pleased to announce a major investment in rights of way smart technology in Kirklees with the launch of the Ramsden Roadometer (Patent Pending). Our technicians have managed to place a smart meter on the cock up generators in Civic 3 linked directly to our ground breaking Ramsden Roadometer.

The technology is loosely based on Hughie Green’s famous “Clapometer” and is almost as accurate. The Ramsden Roadometer records pounds spent on nothing by the council rather than audience satisfaction.

At present the Ramsden Roadometer is edging up to £6,000 of public money spent on an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order which the council decided not to enforce after a few days. The figure will rise in the coming weeks when costs of the works on site (now abandoned) are run through the Ramsden Roadometer. 

Path Watch is hoping to roll out the Ramsden Roadometer to other council cock ups throughout the year and announce a Christmas Number 1 next December!

Of course like the council the Ramsden Roadometer can’t fix your paths or move obstructions but it is guaranteed cock up free and will not cost you a penny!



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