Where’s Wally Waymark?

Find Wally Waymark & claim your free prize!

Path Watch had always thought the complete lack of helpful waymarking on Kirklees paths was just the Council not doing its job but we were wrong!

It’s true to say that no walker in Kirklees has ever seen more than one waymarker at the same time on any footpath and Path Watch can now reveal the reason why. We’ve had an exclusive chat with the Councils Strategic Director of Pointy Arrows, Frank Heap-Big-Lost.

We smoked a peace pipe at the Town Hall with Heap-Big-Lost who told us that there is in fact only one council waymark on the entire 800 odd miles of public rights of way in the district. But thanks to some “white man’s magic” (a van? Ed) this single waymark, known as Wally, is regularly moved around the area to give the impression that there are hundreds.

“It’s an old Indian trick” said Heap-Big-Lost “to make it look like we out number the enemy.”

 Heap-Big-Lost told us that Ramblers can claim a free prize copy of the Council’s Public Rights of Way Improvement Plan if  Wally Waymark is spotted 3 times in one walk . Taking a last puff on the Prow peace pipe Heap-Big-Lost gave Path Watch the benefit of his First Nation wisdom  “You might want to avoid Wally Waymark after 2 sightings”.



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