The Path Watch Effect

Whist clearly this blog is not in the same league as the “Lynx Effect” Path Watch is clearly having some effect.  Our aim of improving the humble ramblers lot in the Holme Valley slowly progresses.  Signs going up, some obstructions removed and although there are Some Quality Control Issues. the examples below are positive.

HOL 144-20 drainage (1 of 1)
January 2018 above & January 2019 below.
Kirklees rectified the problem fairly swiftly. There is now some very good mole scuba diving gear on ebay.
HOL 145-10 (1 of 1)
January 2018 above and October 2018 below. A step or two in the right direction.


hol 147-50 drainage issue (1 of 1)
January 2018 above and January 2019 below. Another drainage problem solved.


The thing is most of the issues being picked up are fairly minor and easily fixable without going to any great expense. But left untended my generation may be the last to know these quiet corners of the local countryside.



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