British Standard Gate On The Run In Kirklees. Public Warned Not To Approach As It’s Really Nice.

E – Fit Of The Wanted Gate

Local Rambler and long time member of Peak & Southern Footpaths Society Benny Rothmans had a close call with a rogue gate at Holme village today. “I knew something was up as soon as I spotted it” Benny told the blog. “It just wasn’t right. I mean it looked lovely. The handle was really obvious and it opened freely in both directions. I just couldn’t work it out at all” continued a clearly distressed Benny.

We contacted PC Robin Banks (the old ones are the best.Ed) at Holmfirth Police Station who assured us that Ramblers have nothing to fear. “Evenin’ all” said PC Banks. “Now then. The suspect has been apprehended and is currently in custody down at the nick. It appears to be in the countryside from somewhere called BS5709:2018 and we’ll be deporting it back there forthwith. We can’t have least restrictive options like this confusing our Ramblers. I’d like to reassure Mr Rothmans that the usual stile covered in barbed wire or gate you can’t lift will be back in place asap and I hope that puts the gentlemans mind at rest.”

Benny was delighted when Path Watch told him of the swift police action. “That’s very reassuring and I’ll look forward to my usual walks punctuated by barbed wire, rusty nails and big things you have to walk around. It’s what we’re used to here” said Benny. “But it was really nice…”

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