The gate on Ramsden Road. Part of the £2.5k works undertaken as part of a botched Traffic Regulation Order. 

We are currently in the pre budget softening up time here in the People’s Republic of Kirklees. Senior councillors are in full on whine mode about how tough the financial situation is for Kirklees and how they only have 60p out of every pound they had compared to 10 years ago. Watch out for those Council Tax bills folks! They only go in one direction.

Despite admitting in April 2018 that the Environmental Traffic Regulation Order for Ramsden Road was costing £6k Kirklees are now saying they don’t..er…”hold a figure” for it. That seems like a great way to run the finances of a local authority. Perhaps the Council only have 60p of every pound they used to have because they don’t actually know where the other 40p is?

In the latest tally up on Ramsden Road a further £2.5k can be added for the cost of works on site to enforce a TRO that in effect never came into force because it was a string vest of school boy errors.

So the Ramsdenroadometer now stands at around £8.5k of taxpayers money spent to achieve absolutely zero effect on the washed out byway. To put that figure into perspective it is getting on for a fifth of the authorities £50k annual maintenance budget for public rights of way.


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