Ramsden Road In Pictures

The winter so far has been well below average in terms of rainfall and follows on from an extended drought in 2018. However the byway continues to deteriorate  with work carried out last summer already damaged by vehicles.

Repairing and maintaining Ramsden Road for all traffic (including motor vehicles) is now Kirklees Council’s and local ward councillors preferred option. It will be interesting to see what they come up with and how long it lasts. In the meantime webbed feet are an advantage.

The fencing recently erected by Kirklees presents a new hazard for pedestrians trying to keep dry feet or dodging a vehicle.
This area was resurfaced in June 2018. Large potholes have already developed. The flat top of the lane is about a 1000m long and should provide disabled access to the wonderful view and seat at the edge of the escarpment.
RamsdenRd (1 of 1)
June 2018 for comparison. Most of that stone has now gone. Clearly on the flat area of Ramsden Road due to vehicular use this technique (much used by local authorities) is not an answer.
The beginnings of vehicular damage to an area repaired in 2018.
Another evolving pothole. Note the materials splashed out to each side by vehicles.
A continuous line of potholes consistent with vehicular damage.
Large new potholes evolving close to the repaired section where the damage had reached a depth of 1.4 metres.
More obvious vehicular damage.


The original stone macadam surface can be seen to the left. Not much remains but only 10 years ago this area was intact. The skills to construct such a surface have disappeared.
The depth of damage here is almost a metre below the original crown of the road surface.
The defining image of Ramsden Road.
Recent cold weather reveals the amount of water coming down Ramsden Road even in dry conditions.
10 years ago this was a working cattle grid.
Freezing conditions show the problem.
The bad step


The bad step 2

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