Now That’s What I Call More Things On Footpaths That Probably Shouldn’t Be There No.19374. Get Off My Land Special Edition

It’s been a while Ramblers but I hope you all enjoy this “Get of my land” special edition of “Things on footpaths….”

Obstructions are such a part of the walking experience in Kirklees they even get waymarked! What a thoughtful touch.
The classic “agricultural handrail” 
KB 153 Obstructio
Gardeners Question Time from a public footpath near Huddersfield.
HOL 75 obs
Little House on the…er…footpath?
HOL 73 Fence obs (2)
Oh dear.
Knock Knock
HO 73 Barb Obs
Welcome to the countryside.
Trials of a new recycled surfacing on a Kirklees path.
Hol 45 stile 4
Wall & waymark post in drunken brawl. Witnesses sought.
hol 73 stile 4
I get knocked down….but probably don’t get back up again. 
HOL 73 Fence obs
New rights of way standard launched in Kirklees. The Most Restrictive Option. 


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