Limbo Shrub Gone!


PathWatch can exclusively reveal the famous “Limbo Buddleia,” which has been a challenge to all but the supplest of ramblers, has mysteriously disappeared!

Regular readers will recall Kirklees rolling out limbo  dance classes throughout the district to equip ramblers for just such obstacles. We spoke to the Councils limbo dance coordinator Mr Winston Toago-Lilt who said “Sup bro? Gone init?” Mr Tobago-Lilt went on to explain how the council were carrying out a thorough investigation into the missing shrub. “We ain’t cut nothin’ down for years bro. So it’s a complete mystery init?”

Members of the public are urged to keep an eye out for the overgrown shrub described as 10 feet high,green and wide enough to block a footpath. The shrubs last known whereabouts was the little path above Victoria Park Holmfirth.

Buddlia (1 of 1)
E Fit of the missing shrub

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