The 2009 Cabinet Report On Ramsden Road. A Missed Opportunity.

Ramsden Road 2007
The same section of Ramsden Road in February 2019

PathWatch has obtained a copy of a report on Ramsden Road written by Kirklees Officers for approval by the Councils Cabinet in 2009. The report was the outcome of several petitions from local people and other members of the public  from 2006 onwards in an admirable  effort to have the road repaired and secure a Traffic Regulation Order to protect these repairs.

The photo at the top of this article shows a section of Ramsden Road in July 2007. The second photo shows the same section 12 years later. This is what inaction and council waffle results in.

There’s no record of this report ever making it to Cabinet for a decision or any explanation as to why this did not happen. This seems odd and something of a missed opportunity. Clearly the senior officers who put the report together had done a reasonable job in the expectation that a democratic decision would be made by elected members.

Fast forward to late 2017 and senior council officers again decide that a Traffic Regulation Order is required to assist in the restoration of Ramsden Road. This time money is spent and an order is made in late 2018. In fact Ramsden Road is closed physically by a gate and bollards as a result of the TRO but only for a few days. The order is full of mistakes and needed redoing but mysteriously the whole idea of a TRO is dropped without explanation. See here.

It’s clear from the 2009 report that council officers understand the problems on Ramsden Road and grasp what is needed to put things right. However any effort to put a plan into action for some reason fails. Genuine requests from the public, residents and non motorised users of Ramsden Road are ignored time and again and the condition of the Road deteriorates year on year.

There is a complete lack of transparency on how the council has dealt ( or not dealt? Ed) with Ramsden Road. Key decisions by officers have been overturned behind closed doors on more than one occasion. Cabinet reports don’t make it to cabinet without explanation and the concerns and requests of residents and users are completely ignored.

Having back tracked as far as it is possible to go since December 2018 Kirklees are now pleading poverty and expecting a Friends of Ramsden Road Group to miraculously haul them out of the mire. The sad fact is that had the council acted in line with its statutory duties and in the public interest back in 2006 the difficulties it faces today on Ramsden Road would not exist.

Lets hope there are grants available to fund and rectify highway authority negligence!

The full report can be read here CAB-08-120-S PET 845 Ramsden Rd 


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