Works To Holmfirth Footpath 133 At Gate Foot Fail within Weeks.


It is only a matter of weeks since the works highlighted in  Well Done Kirklees 2  were completed and PathWatch is sad to report on the complete failure of the entire stretch of repaired path. Last weekend’s rain has washed the whole lot away from top to bottom.

The technique of stoning up public paths is a cheap and cheerful way of doing things and can look good and last on the flat. However PathWatch has blogged before about the vulnerability of this technique on the Pennine slopes of Kirklees. It isn’t easy to find a cost effective, sustainable and aesthetically acceptable  method of repair but it needs to be done. They do exist along with experienced specialist contractors.

This is the second time Holmfirth Footpath 133 has been repaired using this method and the second time it has failed in this way. It’s not the best use of scare resources.

29th June 2019
3rd August 2019
3rd August 2019
3rd August 2019
3rd August 2019



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