Holmfirth Footpath 133 – Repairs Underway.

New works late summer 2019

Footpath 133 at Gate Foot was extensively repaired in the early summer and then washed away in a downpour just weeks later. Thankfully the council have not walked away from this one and are on site now carrying out more extensive resurfacing and drainage works.

The degree of water damage mid summer 2019

What this case neatly demonstrates is the huge liability the council has in maintaining and repairing public paths in the Holme Valley. This one path has now been repaired extensively on 3 occasions and it will remain vulnerable to further damage due to it’s hillside location and the neglect of adjacent land and highways drainage.

Original works in early summer 2019

Strategic management of the rights of way network with high standards of governance and properly funded  and resourced staff are required to achieve any degree of success in such an area of work.

Stoning up hillside paths in the Pennines where there is a history of water damage is not a long term soloution on this or any other route and the council know this. Until they have a plan, a strategic direction and are properly resourced the same events will occur in the same places over and over again.

I hope the new works on Footpath 133 remain in place but the history of the site suggests otherwise.


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