Colne Valley Bridleway 197. Still Blocked

CV BW 192
The seasons have moved on since the tree came down.

Some 10 weeks on the two beech trees  across this popular route remain in situ. A couple of blokes with a chainsaw were on site today scratching heads and deciding it was beyond them. Fair enough, this is a job for a qualified and experienced tree firm.

Just why Kirklees have not treated this situation with a greater sense of priority is anyone’s guess. There is nothing to stop them clearing this themselves as they would if this was a vehicular highway or serving notice on the owner which would only take 3 weeks.

The trees hang over the bridleway forcing walkers to duck and blocking it completely for riders. The crowns of the trees are in the river and subject to movement with the rise and fall of the flow. The root balls sit on top of a high dry stone retaining wall with a noticeable amount of water pouring out from behind it. All looks quite precarious.

The bridleway back in September

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