Huddersfield Byway 231. Order To Downgrade To Bridleway Fails.

Byway 221 obstruction 4 (1 of 1)

Previously on PathWatch we reported on the legal challenge to the order confirmed by the planning inspectorate  earlier this year. The order downgrading Huddersfield Byway 231 to a bridleway has been an expensive comedy of errors  haplessly performed by Kirklees Council. Not to be undone the Planning Inspectorate went for a nuclear cock up option and have been found to have erred in law. The decision quashing the order is here 27 Nov 19 Sealed Consent Order -approved 21 Nov 19

So the badly drawn byway remains in situ.The planning Inspectorate have advised that  “PINS is no longer involved and the matter has now been passed back to Kirklees MBC.   It is up to Kirklees MBC to decide what to do next (e.g. abandon the claim or re-investigate the matter with a mind to making a new Order)” Oh dear….


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