Latest On Ramsden Road

Section to be repaired marked in red.

Kirklees plan to repair and reinstate drainage on the flat top section of Ramsden Road in Spring 2020. The Council will meet the full costs from public funds. Money which only a year ago they claimed not to have. In their words “The Council is using public funds to bring back to a condition suitable for its legitimate use by the public a damaged public right of way” . Not so long ago of course the very same managers were expressing the view that “legitimate vehicle use is causing damage to Ramsden Road” and that “Repair works need to bed in…this is why an Experimental Traffic Regulation order is required” 

Whilst is is good news a long section of Ramsden Road is to be repaired it remains a concern that both public money and the repairs are not to be protected by use of a temporary closure order restricting motor vehicles.

Proposed works –

Ramsden Road – Holmfirth Public Byway Open to All Traffic No 90:

Outline works proposal:

  • Dig drainage ditch out on south side of Ramsden road and broadcast adjacent to works, surplus materials will be transported to quarry and landscaped in approved location.
  • Open up existing culverts and where possible clean or repair – allocated a maximum of 4, 300mm x 6m twin wall pipes for this works.
  • Regrade ground level and broadcast to the north of Ramsden road to allow surface water to disperse away and cut new grips where needed.
  • Geotextile membrane to be installed in the severely damaged areas.
  • Locally sourced 100/150mm clean sandstone to be laid and compacted in the low areas to bring these areas back up to adjacent ground level.
  • Locally sourced 40mm to dust sandstone will be laid at a minimum of 100mm to surface the clean sandstone
  • All items to be compacted in layers using a ride on roller.
  • This material to be finished slightly chamfered to aid drainage of to extend longevity.
  • Edges of the area to be redressed using existing topsoil from initial strip and seeded if required.
  • Any soft areas disturbed off the path line during works to be made good and graded back in with the surrounding area. This to be kept to a minimum wherever possible by restricting turning points and reducing work being carried out during wet weather.
  • Assume that no excavated materials will be removed from site. All materials excavated during the works will be reused within the works area.

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