One For The Mountain Bikers…

Hol 133 water damage 10_2_20-7

Quite a popular run for mountain bikes…..but it is a footpath (Holmfirth 133). Painted sign has just appeared. Surely there must be equestrians and/or cyclists who’ve used this for 20 years?

3 thoughts on “One For The Mountain Bikers…”

  1. Thanks Andy – Yup. Been riding this since forever although mostly as an up to get over to Cheesegate. Not been up/down since it was ‘repaired’ though.


    1. A group of mountain bikers including myself have been using this important link track for twenty years (since the advent of mountain biking). It was part of the Holmfirth Mountain Bike Challenge for some time and I’m not aware that there were any objections.
      I believe the sign was put up by a local resident with a ‘Nimby’ personality disorder. It has always been regarded as a bridleway but 4 x 4s and offroad motorbikes have been using it more recently.


  2. Likewise been using this for well over 20 years for mountain biking. Never had a problem before. And what is the problem with using this? it is clearly a track which should have been registered as a bridleway. Still time to get a claimed bridleway path request in to Kirklees, but probably a waste of time.


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