Community spirited Fly Tippers Form “Friends Of Harden Hill Road” Group To Repair Popular Bridleway.

Harden Hill

In a moving example of the local community pulling together in troubled times a group of public spirited fly tippers have recently collaborated to restore a much loved local bridleway. PathWatch has spoken to Albert Steptoe of the new group, known as Tip Kirklees, about their efforts.

Albert told the blog “It’s great to be part of Tip Kirklees and to put something back. All to often fly tippers are seen as anti social petty criminals who don’t care about the environment. Through Tip Kirklees we hope to break down the stereotypes  of crooks in white vans dumping toxic crap all over the byways and bridleways of Kirklees”

PathWatch asked Albert about the new surfacing technique Tip Kirklees are using on Harden Hill Road, a much loved bridleway in Meltham. “Although the tip is only a mile away we’ve sent our fleet of feral vans and flat back trucks up the bridleway on a series of “tip days”to repair the 20 years of erosion that Kirklees have ignored. Tip Kirklees are donating tons of granite kitchen worktops in a range of colours to repair the bridleway surface” continued Albert with a completely straight face.

When we asked Albert where all this waste had come from, how much Tip Kirklees were saving in tip fees and whether slippy, shiny, hard and sharp edged granite work tops were really the best surface for a bridleway he got quite agitated.  “I know where you live” he said. Unsure if this was a threat or an offer to tarmac the PathWatch driveway we left it at that.

Harden Hill-2


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