Wales Brings In Access Restrictions


The Welsh Government is bringing in The Health Protection (Coronavirus Leisure footpaths etc ) (Wales) Regul… to allow closure of public paths by local authorities in response to the current Covid 19 outbreak. At present there are no such restrictions in  England.

Last weekend in England was something of a Covid 19 Bank Holiday. People flocked to our national parks and open spaces to enjoy the sun and new found freedom of unemployment. It’s hard to blame them. The UK Government seemed fairly relaxed about Covid 19 visiting the country on it’s gap year travels. However the locals and  authorities were properly spooked by the frantic growth in rambling  along  with seaside scenes of the usual suspects quing for chips and ice cream . Arguably this mini walking craze partly prompted Boris’s Monday night lockdown, something which the deadly virus had noticeably failed to achieve on it’s own.


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