Keighley Footpath 118

Keighly 118
A new discovery – ladder stile in a gate!

In the last days before lockdown PathWatch had a day trip to Bronte Country . Visitors were still welcome in Haworth, landowners greeted ramblers warmly, directing them with a smile down unobstructed footpaths, social distancing hadn’t been invented and the pubs were still open….

Keighly 118-2
Two gates,both locked. Must build a ladder stile but keep it narrow!

Perhaps it wasn’t quite as halcyon as I recall . Certainly Keighley Footpath 118 didn’t have such a rosy glow about it. It felt distinctly like someone didn’t want you walking along this particular public highway.

Keighly 118-3
4 gates in a row.

 It started promisingly from just below Intake Farm heading for an obvious waymarked pedestrian gate. The gate however was chained and locked shut! Although a lovely walk view wise the remainder of the path was littered with unauthorised and difficult structures culminating in a new PathWatch discovery – a ladder stile in a gate! At some point in the future PathWatch intends to open a Museum of Rambling Curiosities and the ladder stile in a gate discovery will take pride of place.

Keighly 118-5

A good start. Lovely gate with a waymark. Phew!

Ironically this little section of path is just off the main tourist route to Top Withens. Bradford Council have had enough money at some point in the past to sign the entire route up there in Japanese! The authorities statutory obligations in respect of Keighley 118 have obviously been given a much lower or no priority at all.

Keighly 118-4


Haworth Res
View from Keighley 118.
Keighley 118


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