Kirklees Claim To Have 91% Success Rate Removing Path Obstructions!

HOL 73 Fence obs
Reported In 2019 & Still There

In answer to a public question to Kirklees Cabinet on 2nd June Councillor Robert Walker revealed that Kirklees has successfully removed 104 obstructions from a reported 114 during the 2017/18 period. That is an astonishing success rate of over 91%. All the more surprising because Councillor Walker also said that Kirklees has no procedure or timescale for removing obstructions. This procedure is currently under development but to be honest with a success rate of 91% I don’t think they need one! This incredible performance has been achieved, as Councillor Walker points out, whilst being  under staffed over a number of years due to government cuts.  Arguably no extra staff or money are required  as this level of performance must rate as one of the UK’s highest. Or perhaps it just isn’t true?

Back in the real world and having walked every single path in the Holme Valley I can be absolutely certain that there are at least 40 path obstructions in the area reported to Kirklees and not removed. Of course Kirklees have some 4,000 plus outstanding issues on the rights of way network ,mostly obstructions by nature, which Councillor Walker didn’t mention. So what’s really going on? And why have those Holme Valley obstructions not been included in the council’s figures? Obviously I think we should be told!

More on this story later 🙂



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