Huddersfield Byway 171 At Castle Hill Closure

Castle Hill shower
Clouds on the Castle Hill horizon with proposed access closure

Kirklees Council continue slipping discs bending over backwards to keep the Ramsden Road Byway open to damaging 4×4 vehicles,motorbikes and all the associated anti social behaviour that goes with this usage. However at the other end of the valley they are bending over backwards to…er…close Huddersfield Byway 171 because of …ahem….anti social behaviour,crime and damage associated with vehicular use!

Byway 171 is the popular vehicular access up onto Castle Hill and it has been reported this week that Kirklees will be erecting bollards and signs closing the byway overnight to motor vehicles. The issue was discussed at Kirklees Cabinet on 2nd June. What hasn’t been reported or discussed in detail is the legal mechanism by which the council could achieve this aim. Remember how the council legal department cocked up with the Temporary Traffic Regulation Order for Ramsden Road? This ultimately led to the “Friends” group approach.

Will the doggers & pikers of Huddersfield form a “Friends With Benifits”” group to save the Castle Hill byway? That might be one worth joining 🙂

Ramsden Road Flttipping 3_6_20
One of the obvious benifits of continued vehicular access to Ramsden Road.


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