Ramsden Road What’s Not been Done 3

Ramsden Road Phase 1 is complete. Right on cue some wet weather arrived at the end of last week. The first 2 new culverts off Whitegate Road worked fine but every other drainage intervention from there to the end of the flat section had some problems. Fair enough there are bound to be some matters to address after any works on a site like this. However, I think the road is arguably worse now than previously (apart from the filled in craters).The poor quality of the drainage works has the potential to cause further damage if not addressed.The photos speak for themselves. This is after one wet day in June.

Ramsden Rd 12_6_20-19
Just off Whitegate Road. Nowhere for standing water to go. It will come over the road through the winter.
Ramsden Rd 12_6_20-15
New drain completely blocked in one week
Ramsden Rd 12_6_20-21
Water directed over top of a new culvert already eroding back road edge. Sunday 3rd June 2020
Ramsden Rd 12_6_20-9
Same culvert on Friday 8th June 2020.
Ramsden Rd 12_6_20-6
Water from new culvert backing up and discharging against wall footings.
Ramsden Rd 12_6_20-16
None of the grips cut in the road give anywhere for run off to go. It backs up against dry stones throughout the roads length.
Ramsden Rd 12_6_20-7
Reopened culvert but with nowhere for the water to drain away.
Ramsden Rd 12_6_20-3
Lots of surface water at the top of the hill section as a result of new & completed drainage not working effectively.
Ramsden Rd 12_6_20-4
End of new drainage ditch discharging water back onto Ramsden road at the top of the hill. Some of this water is pouring through adjacent private walls.
Ramsden Rd 12_6_20-2
Water from previous image escaping through dry stone wall.
Ramsden Rd 12_6_20-12
New surface already being cutback by traveling water. Again nowhere to go when it leaves the road.
Ramsden Rd 12_6_20-8
Yet another grip that has nowhere for the water to go.
Ramsden Rd 12_6_20-14
New culvert but with nowhere for the water to drain away. In winter weather the pipe will surcharge from the other end and water will flow directly onto Ramsden Road.
Ramsden Rd 12_6_20
End result is a significant flow of water down the hill. This after one wet day. What will it be like in the winter?

You’d be daft to carry out any works on the Hill on the basis that drainage works above are completed and working.

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