Dodgy Gate & Stile On Pennine Way Black Hill

Pennine Way Kissing Gate

Way back in the winter before the virus and lockdown I watched a couple of blokes, in mostly awful weather, build a fence across Holme Moss, Black Hill and over towards Dovestones. It blocked off a few informal routes on access land and would at some point cross the Pennine Way on Black Hill and the old line of the Pennine Way heading north across Wessenden Head Moor.

The fencing is part of a scheme to restore moorland and keep grazing sheep out of a regenerating area. At SE079050 on the Pennine Way (Holmfirth Footpath 224) a Kissing gate has been placed on the path. Looks ok until you try to use it. A stiff spring on the gate makes it hard and the coral area is barely wide enough to squeeze through. Obviously built to keep some very determined sheep out.

At SE075049 on Holmfirth Footpath 206 a simple but tricky stile has been placed in the fence. Neither of these structures have any legal authority under the Highways Act and neither could be described as the least restrictive option or meeting BS5709.

It’s now up to Kirklees to negotiate better structures and to authorise them appropriately. Encouraging noises so far. So lets hope it doesn’t take to long.

Hol 205 stile SE07560491
Holmfirth 206 stile.


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