Morton Wood Footbridges

Washed out section

Some excellent news for Holmfirth Footpath 168 through Morton Wood. Kirklees agreed to replace the 4 rotting footbridges on this popular section of the Kirklees Way earlier in the year but delays due to Covid 19 have set things back. However the 4 bridges are now ready to go in! In addition the washed out section of the path shown in the photo above will be reinstated.

This is a significant and expensive scheme and credit is due to Kirklees for committing to do this work. Particular thanks and appreciation is due to the Project Officer and front line staff involved.

One thought on “Morton Wood Footbridges”

  1. Delighted to hear this. I had reported it towards the end of last year and again since but had largely given up hope of any action because of Covid (the Council’s ready-made excuse now for not doing anything). Bravo!

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